Friday, July 19, 2013

5. Final prototype

front frames not stable 
 Last week before the rolling frame inspection! We finally put the kart together !!!! We still met some challenges and we managed to solve them all - - .

We were arguing about where we should put our knees on the kart. Should it be on the intersection between the front horizontal frame and the vertical frame? Or back off a little bit and avoid that intersection? It turns out that it doesn't really matter. So we are avoiding that part cause that way is more comfortable for the driver. We tried to sit on the kart the other night, and the front frame just kind of sinked a bit... It turns out that we didn't fasten the joints enough. And it's probably because of the wood, and there is no aluminum plate at the top to squeeze the whole structure together.
Our solution was to secure a long horizontal aluminum frame at this critical joint. We cut the battery deck cause it doesn't really need that much space. So we used that part to do the new four joints.

We put on everything, newly adjusted front wheel s, back wheel, motor, batteries and controllers.

Looks pretty good, now all we need is the steering wheel and the seating !!!!

Friday prototype
Friday! We did the steering wheel and the test turns out to be pretty good. It's easy to turn but not that easy. And we also found the bolts and nuts to secure the controller to the battery deck, a way to secure the brake. I think we got the sensor mount too....A little problem was that the steering rod appeared to be a little bit shaky, it turns out that we missed one shaft collar, so we are moving three holes a little bit forward to avoid the shaft collar from hitting the aluminum frame. 

All we are left is the seating, which is quite tricky to secure. We bent some L brackets and the holes are very tricky to drill. which took us quite a long time. SHOULD TRY FINGER JOINTS NEXT TIME!!!

our clean and organized table - -
I've finished all the drilling and assembled half of the kart. Shall do the other half tomorrow and make some slight changes to solidworks files, then our mechanical system is done and we can start doing our electrical system ;p Oh right, haven't put the wooden support for head yet. We'll just use a shaft collar I guess.... 


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